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Balance Your LifeMedical Qigong (MQ) is a form of healing that as been widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), dating back to 168 BC. Medical Qigong works with our body’s healing channel system (meridian pathways) to allow energy to flow freely to promote wellbeing and positive health.

Medical Qigong Dao Yin exercises appropriate to the condition of the individual may be prescribed after a Chinese Medicine diagnosis. The exercises are taught so they can be used personally in between treatments until the condition has resolved or changed.

qigongMaking healthy lifestyle choices harmonising with the seasons, combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnoses, Medical Qigong can become a powerful healing therapy.

Who can benefit from Medical Qigong?

Medical qigong is used to prevent and treat illness by bringing the body back to balance and encourages the individual to be active in there own healing process so may be used to help many individuals.

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